Find sources for your paper

Instead of googling for hours, use Citavi to search your library's catalogs and research databases for new sources. This helps you find the right texts faster and saves you time and trouble.

Cite books, journal articles, webpages, etc.

Use Citavi to cite any source you need for your papers. From academic monographs to webpages – with Citavi's Picker you can send citation information for books and webpages from your browser to your project. No more piles of paper or lost print-outs. All with just a click.

Keep on track and get organized

Create an outline in Citavi. While you read, assign your sources, important quotations, and your own ideas to different sections. Refine your outline as you go. When it's time to write, you'll have everything at hand: all your references, quotations, and ideas.

Plan for progress

Not everything is equally important. A quick look at a book's title or a journal article's abstract helps you set priorities. With Citavi's Task Planner you always know when you want to work on what, and the tasks you've already completed.

Analyze and cite

Reading a long text? Great! Make note of the most important findings and add quotations to Citavi. Insert them in your paper with just a click, and Citavi will add a citation and an entry to the bibliography.

Write with style

Well, that you'll have to do yourself. But the citation style requirements for citations and bibliographies? Citavi will take care of them – without you having to do a thing. Citavi offers over 11,000 citation styles – the style you need is sure to be one of them: APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian – whatever you need.

Citavi on any Operating System

With Citavi Web you can work anywhere you have an internet connection and on any operating system, regardless of whether it’s Mac OS, Windows or Linux. The only thing you need is a current browser.

World-class support

Citavi is so easy to use that you can master the basics in no time at all with on-screen help texts and guides to basic features. And if you ever do have questions? You can rely on our fast and friendly support team.

Beyond Reference Management

Citavi combines reference management and knowledge organization. With Citavi you can search resources from around the world, create tasks, analyze texts, save quotations and ideas, create outlines for drafts, and write reports, articles, or books – faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

A Place for Everything

Find full text articles and save them in your project. Annotate PDFs and save quotations, comments, and your own ideas and drafts directly in Citavi. Even Office documents, webpages, and images can be saved and analyzed in Citavi.

One-of-a-Kind: The Knowledge Organizer

All of the references, quotations, and ideas you gather can be organized and placed in an outline that can later be transferred to your document. Quotations, ideas, and references – when you start writing you have everything already at hand.

Writing Made Easy

Citavi's Add-In for MS Word and its LaTeX support make sure you cite correctly. A bibliography is automatically inserted in the citation style of your choice. Over 10,000 professional citation styles for all academic disciplines are available.

On Your Own or in a Team

With Citavi you can work on your own research projects or collaborate with as many people as you want. Citavi makes it possible for research groups of any size to work together – worldwide in the cloud on servers located in Germany. All team members can view upcoming tasks and project progress.

What Do Our Users Think?

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Result: 9.1