Ever discovered something so helpful, you couldn’t wait to tell others about it?

If you feel that way about Citavi, our champions program gives you an outlet to share your favorite research tool with others.

Who can apply

Anyone! The Citavi Champions program is flexible and lets you help how you want to.

Need ideas? We’re looking for:


Show others how to use Citavi – in person or online in a webinar.


Create a video, infographic, or training guide for Citavi.

Social Types

Write a review of Citavi or explain how you use it in your blog.


Program a helpful add-on for Citavi.

Free Thinkers

Have your own ideas? Let us know!

Champion Benefits

Beyond the feel-good factor, there’s lots in it for you as well:

  • Pro features: Host an event or complete a project, tell us about it, and we’ll send you a personal, non-expiring license key for Citavi 6. If you teach a course, your participants can receive a code for a free trial license key.
  • Training: Learn how to use Citavi better and earn a certificate to verify your skills. Members can also take advantage of exclusive monthly online training webinars and demos of new features, which can help improve your own research workflows.
  • Stuff: Get a goodie bag with items you’ll actually use. Need materials for a course? Let us know in advance and we’ll send you posters and flyers.
  • Access: As a champion, you have direct contact with a Citavi team member and can share your feedback and ideas. We’ll also give you a heads up about new features and releases before they are publicly announced.
  • Experience: Gain teaching, public speaking, and/or design experience that you can add to your CV. If you want help, just ask! We’ll give you pointers to ensure that your project is a success.

How can I apply?

  • Sign up for Citavi Champions by filling out our online form.
  • We will send you links to our training resources and a study guide. When you’re ready, you can take an online quiz in English with multiple choice questions. If you don’t pass the first time, you can retake the quiz a second time.
  • Once you pass the quiz, we’ll send you a certificate. Processing time can take a few days.
  • Carry out your event or complete your project, and send us a short summary. We’ll send you a free Citavi 6 for Windows license key.

Questions? Just ask!

Contact us at champions@citavi.com